Need A Brand Image & Identity?

Image vs Identity

Brand image and brand identity are two different things. We design brand image to give our clients a distinct way to enhance their business through visual interaction based upon how you want your clients to percieve you, using tone, style, taglines, asthetics and design.

We build brand identity through the consistency we create using internalisation and externalisation, to help establish your clients actual perception of your brand, consideration such as emotion, belief, personal connection and impressions.

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Branding Design Process.

We design brands through a phasing process. Each concept phase is delivered to our clients, reviewed and amended until we arrive at the final phase and the final brand.

Conceptual branding can offer varied layouts, designs, typography, styles, colours, sizes, content and tone. We adapt each phase to include these options to help ascertain what is perceived as working or not working.

Once we are left with the final two choices we design each option with precision artwork for client selection and approval.

  • Design Elements - Logo Design
    - Typography
    - Colour & Tone
    - Taglines
    - Style & Layout
    - Phasing
    - Background Effects
    - Sketch Designs
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  • Design Elements - Colour Psychology
    - Emotion
    - Impressions
    - Beliefs
    - Connectivity
    - Industry Impact
    - Demographic Acceptance
Branding Identity Process.

Brand identity is developed through client interaction and product integration. We review how it engages within product mockups and then how it is received by a varied demographic focus group.

After the initial response we can create a strategy to embed the brand across all internal media and relevant external media channels. This stage is designed to build awareness and consistency to help strengthen and promote the new brand to your target audience.

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sabrtooth creative agency