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Sabrtooth is a creative agency specialising in brand design, website development, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and digital media. We create complete business solutions for any type of business from start-ups and SME’s to established corporations.

Our expertise lies in providing our clients with a complete turnkey solution to help strengthen the core of the business. By taking full control of many of the project elements we are able to create better solutions through the use of cross sector integration.

"We have a genuine desire and passion for creativity and a flair for elegance and superior aesthetics. We strive to deliver innovative work and unique designs that are interactive, engaging and inspiring while providing a superior visual experience for the target audience."

Mark Phillips | Owner | Sabrtooth Creative

Project Review

The websites back-end functionality should create a responsive interface for desktop, mobile and tablet. The design is to incorporate all facets of the business. (information to be provided by the client)

In addition to the UI development we will create a complex backend framework to enhance the UX and how the client engages with your business including animated functionality, video embedding, social media compatibility and image development. The development process will be in-line with today’s market standards using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and adobe creative suite programming technologies. These are the primary requirements for implementing working contact forms, page animations, dynamic transitions and browser compatibility.

Project Detail

The website should be developed with a simplistic front-end interface supported by a complex back-end framework delivering the creative functionality. The website will provide a fresh approach to the business with an effective infrastructure for an engaging experience.


The style and layout of the website should reflect the company within your industry sector. An elegant, highend look and feel is suggested to develop ties with professional clients. This will develop a high level of validation and confidence from your clients as it portrays your professionalism and investment within your own business.


The brand implementation focuses on using company colours and typography to reflect brand continuity across the web platform to ensure we deliver a strong and effective brand placement on the website.


Once the brand has been implemented we will develop brand consistency across all media channels and external platforms used such as social media, marketing and business stationery.

Project Steps

1) Paginate the website structure and wireframe the layout. Research the current site and competitors sites to ensure we are developing in-line with industry requirements.

2) Finalise the functionality, style and layout. Carry out market R&D and begin code scripting. Begin designing the brand phases.

3) Review client supplied information and edit where necessary. Add content to the framework and develop content functionality.

4) Finalise the website infrastructure and review it in it’s entirety for layout issues, copy edits, image quality, functionality, browser compatibility and responsive capabilities.

5) Client and developer review session to make any amendments or updates which are needed before launching the brand and website.

6) Discussion with the client regarding the management structure of the site and the ongoing maintenance updates required.

Client Input

Please provide written content for the site including contextual information about the company, services, contact info and any other pertinent information you want to include.


If you want to use specific images on the site or in any marketing information, please send them to us. They must be of very high quality (hi-resolution) otherwise they will be distorted and pixelated. Also please ensure the usage rights to any media are established.


Website and brand development requires a high level of communication. Please respond to any requests within a 48h period so we can progress the project towards completion.


When reviewing the draft copy please make notes of the amendments required and send them to us in a timely manner. Once we receive the changes and/or updates we can finalise the project in-line with your expectations and within our agreed timeline.

Google Friendly

We implement a thorough Google compatibility strategy to increase your website visibility on the world’s largest search engine. These measure help but are not a complete solution for Google page rankings. Further SEO specific strategies would need to be undertaken to raise your profile and popularity within organic search results.

Our approach uses market recommendations embedded in the code to achieve the best result possible without external investment. If you want to run Google Adwords, retargeting or programmatic campaigns, we can develop a solution for you.

As a matter of standard protocol we will include: Google Analytics for tracking activity, Indexing the website with Google for recognition, coded with organic SEO compatibility and generating API key for Google Geo Analysis.

Social Media

Building your business in today’s society requires a certain element of social interaction. The online world requests information from different resources. Social Media is a way of expanding your client base and growing your brand through intelligent networking.

We can advise you on navigating the Social Media platforms including which ones to use for which purpose. Each one has their own unique purpose and within the world of your business you should know which platforms are most beneficial to you and your company profile.

For those clients who want us to manage their social media campaigns, we offer a fully integrated service which can be analysed for interaction in-line with result driven campaigns.

Service Detail

We offer a wide range of services within each area of expertise. Each design or development element requires individual sub-sections of skills to provide the highest quality service possible within that discipline.

In order to provide the very best work for our clients, we have become experts in delivering our solutions using and investing in the latest software, programs and tools to ensure an impeccable level of work is maintained.